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Become a Zapshot

Hey you...yeah you;)
You finally found us.
Do you like connecting with friends and creating content?
So do we, so let’s talk.

🔥What is Zapshot?

Zapshot is the easiest way to share the excitement of the moment in real time with your friends.

When messaging friends, have you ever wanted to send a message as soon as possible?

Have you ever experienced something so exciting that you wanted to share it with your friends right away, but felt a gap in time between that moment and having to type out the message into a keyboard?

What if you could actually send a message right at the moment?

Plus, the sender’s voice will be played back along with the message without having to even unlock your smartphone.

With Zapshot, you’ll be sure to encounter the next generation of voice communication.


🙋Who is Zapshot?

Zapshot was started to fill the conventional gap between one’s actual feelings in real life versus when messaging

We are made up of a team of UCLA students and alumni who have felt the same kinds of frustration.

We are very talkative.
At the same time, we also happen to be experts in voice-to-text technology.
Our knowledge was limited at first, but now, we have accumulated the necessary skills and vast knowledge in the field.

By emulating the trivial feelings seen in real life conversations, we believe we can create the next generation of communication.


Somehow, every user on Zapshot turned out to be talkative.
Now it’s your turn. This is the job that you were looking for! Apply below right now!

Ambassador Position
for Students 🏫

There are plenty of ways to participate in Zapshot on your campus


Content Ambassadors 👄

Content Ambassadors are responsible for sowing the seeds of Zapshot at their campuses.
Use our apps more than anyone else and if you find a student who has not yet used Zapshot, invite them to join. By participating, you’ll most likely end up wanting to chat more than ever.


Art Ambassadors 🌈

Art Ambassadors are responsible for the branding of Zapshot to take it to the next level and make it even cooler.
You are more creative than anyone else, and you stand at the forefront of Zapshot’s world where everyone aspires to be. Become a part of the younger team on Zapshot and leave your creativity with us.

Part-time Internship for Students


Marketer ⚡

Marketers are the face of Zapshot.
Your job is to find ways to acquire new customers and get Zapshot to be found and loved by many. Show us your charisma with your crazy ideas and ability to take action.

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