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Become a Art Ambasador🌈

As an art ambassador, you are the powerhouse of Zapshot’s brand identity, pushing the visual language of Zapshot with your creativity. Help us turn Zapshot’s aesthetic world with your artistic vision.

In particular, you will be asked to engage in the following tasks:

  • Express your skill and creativity by posting videos on the Zapshot app.

  • Create Fanart for Zapshot, and upload it to other social media like Instagram and TikTok. 


Ambassador Expectations are as follows:

  • Dedicate 7-10 hours a week on content creation.
    Work alongside the marketing team to create specific content for Zapshot’s brand identity


🙋About you

If you fit one or more of these descriptions, this may be a great role for you:

  • You love content creation! Whether it's making art, vlogging, poetry, fashion you can’t help but express yourself.

  • You’re studying art, marketing, communication and want to put your skills to the test.

  • You understand the greatness and dangers of social media. 

  • You like taking initiative on the ideas you think of.

We would hope ambassadors have some experience in:​

  • That exciting feeling when your content goes viral

  • Growing and maintaining social media pages

  • Experience as an ambassador for Dispo, Bumble and other forms of social media, branding, and promotional activities


This position is an unpaid ambassador position, and compensation is instead brought through the following benefits:

  • Exclusive Zapshot goods given to all members of the Ambassador program

  • Early access to exclusive features of the Zapshot app

  • Being able to add the experience of working under a tech startup on a resume

  • A chance to be involved in product design and branding on a world wide level

  • Participation in Zapshot exclusive events

  • If Zapshot uses your content for promotion of any sort, you will be financially compensated for your work. 

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