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Become a Marketer⚡

As the face of Zapshot, we ask the promoters’ focus to be acquiring new customers so that our service can be found and loved by as many people as possible.

In particular, you will be asked to engage in the following tasks:

  • Participate regularly in marketing team meetings

  • Deepen understanding of the market by communicating closely with users

  • Conduct regular research and questionnaires to understand needs

  • Implement sales promotions utilizing mass advertising and the Web in collaboration with art ambassadors

Ambassador Expectations are as follows:

  • Direct your focus to raise awareness on Zapshot

  • Provide marketing ideas that are backed by reasoning and logic

  • Think outside of the box, go against the grain 

  • Be charismatic in your approach

🙋About you

If you fit one or more of these descriptions, this may be a great role for you:

  • Use research, analysis, and hypothesis to capture things logically.

  • Have experience in and/or majored in business, marketing, or other related areas

  • One who is assertive and not afraid to market themself

We would hope ambassadors have some experience in:

  • Experience of making money with your own power (other than part-time)

  • Experience as an ambassador for Dispo, Bumble and other forms of social media, branding, and promotional activities



This position is an unpaid ambassador position, and compensation is instead brought through the following benefits:

  • The rate of pay will be $20 an hour

  • Includes offerings of Zapshot exclusive goods

  • Experience at the core of a startup to enter on a resume

  • True business experience that is not just play

  • Connecting with colleagues of the same aspirations

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