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  • How do I contact the Zapshot team?
    Please email us at
  • What is Zapshot?
    Zapshot is the fast and easy way to live in the moment with your friends. Do you ever wanna text your friends but feel like texting is a drag? With Zapshot, you can send messages to your friends with audio playback straight from the lockscreen. Try our app out now to get a hold of next gen communication!
  • I scanned my friend’s face using FaceScan, but their account won’t appear
    FaceScan is an optional feature that users can register for. As such, if the user has not registered their face on the app, their account will not appear on FaceScan search results.
  • I don’t want my account to appear on Global Search results
    Go to Me > Account > Global Search and toggle the setting to off. This will prevent users from discovering your account on Global Search.
  • Friend vs Follow: What's the Difference?
    Friending someone allows you to send 1 on 1 messages with each other. You know, like a friend. Following someone allows you to be notified when that person uploads new content, starts a new chatroom, and allows them to appear on your feed. The more people you follow, the more colorful your Zapshot feed will become!
  • How do I delete a chat room?
    Go to the specified chatroom, and from there tap Chat Room Info > ✏️Edit > Delete Chat Room
  • How do I make a chatroom?
    Click on the icon located at the top left of the messages page, from there, you will be able to make 3 different types of chatrooms.
  • How do I download Zapshot?
    iOS: Download from the App Store
  • What kind of different roles are there in a groupchat?
    🙋‍♂️Moderator: Full access to chat functions in the app, add users, change user’s roles, change the room icon and name. 🎙Speaker: Full access to chat functions in the app. 👀Peeker: No access to speaking, but can access the chat logs and conversations of the room
  • Private room, Peekable room, Open room, what are the differences between these 3?
    🏖Private Room: A private group chat for just you and your friends. Undiscoverable from the explore page. 👀Peekable Room: Are you a content creator or influencer? If so, this is the room for you. Peekable rooms only allow selected users to talk, while all other users are able to view this conversation as peekers. 🌎Open Room: A chatroom that anyone can enter, and anyone can talk in. Trying to find more friends? This is a great place to start.
  • How do I report inappropriate content?
    If a post goes against community guidelines, report it by tapping the ••• icon on the top left of the post, then tapping ⚠Report. We will deal with the reported post as soon as possible.
  • How do I switch a user’s role in a group chat?
    Currently, the ability to change a role is exclusive to 🙋‍♂️Moderators. If you are a 🙋‍♂️Moderator, access the chat room and go to Chat Room Info > 🙋‍♂️All Members > [User who will have their role changed]. There, set the user’s new role.
  • Push notifications aren’t being played back. What can I do about it?
    Push notifications aren’t being played back. What can I do about it? For push notifications to be played as audio messages, your device must not be in silent mode. Furthermore, please go to Chat Room Info > ⚙️Settings > Play Voice Notifications and ensure that the Play Voice Notifications setting is set to on
  • How is user voice data collected, stored, and used?
    In ZapVoice, we prioritize the privacy and security of user voice data. User voice data is used solely for the purpose of ZapVoice learning and voice generation. The collected voice data is managed securely and stored in a protected database. Additionally, if the app is not used for 30 days, the user's voice data is automatically and permanently deleted.
  • How do I use ZapVoice?
    For users who have completed Bio registration during app sign-up, ZapVoice is automatically enabled. When you enter a text message, ZapVoice will be automatically generated and sent along with your message. If you haven't completed Bio registration, go to the Settings menu and register your voice in the Bio section. Provide a voice recording of 3 seconds or longer. Once registration is complete, ZapVoice will be available for use.
  • What is ZapVoice?
    Incorporating the concept of 'Chat beyond text, less than a call', 'Zapshot' primarily uses voice input for text, delivering the message in the user's actual voice. However, in environments where voice input is challenging, such as in libraries, busy offices, public transport, or late at night when others may be sleeping, users can resort to keyboard text input. Regardless, the innovative ZapVoice feature ensures that even these text messages are delivered in a voice closely resembling the user's own, thanks to the cutting-edge AI technology employed.
  • Does ZapVoice support multiple languages?
    Currently, ZapVoice supports American English only. We plan to add support for other languages in future updates. Stay tuned for further announcements.
  • Are there any limitations on the text messages that can be used with ZapVoice?
    Yes, currently, text messages up to 200 characters are converted by ZapVoice. If the message exceeds 200 characters, it will be sent as a regular text message.
  • What should I do if ZapVoice is not available?
    If ZapVoice is temporarily unavailable, it may be due to one of the following reasons. First, ensure that you have completed Bio registration. If not, go to the Settings menu and register your voice in the Bio section. Additionally, there may be temporary interruptions in ZapVoice availability based on our discretion. We appreciate your understanding.
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