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Add function and
value on your NFTs!

Hey you...yeah you;)
Do you like creating NFTs and
connecting with creators?
So do we, so let’s talk.


What we believe in

Zapshot targets Gen-Z and Gen-α, aiming for the new social media trends like Snapchat and TikTok

Crypto and NFTs are still for a few people now, but we believe they will become mainstream in the near term, particularly for teens.

We're incorporating NFTs into Zapshot by supporting NFT collections and Crypto Wallets functionality.


Nevertheless, Zapshot is not aiming for efficient communication tools like Telegram/Discord, a place for teens can easily enjoy communication and connection with other people.

Ditch the stereotypes that a keyboard is necessary for chatting.


We are looking for
NFT creators


There is so much more potential in NFTs, and we want to create more value through Zapshot than just setting it as a profile picture. And we are looking for NFT creators who are willing to join us!

Creator Details

Thank you for your application⚡

We will contact you back📧

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